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The Electric Mine Consortium

The EMC is a growing group of leading mining and service companies. These companies are driven by the imperative to accelerate progress towards the fully electrified zero CO2 and zero particulates mine.

In the short time since the establishment, the consortium’s membership has grown almost two-fold. They have mobilized over 40 ongoing equipment trials in 15 different locations. Recently the EMC have partnered with AWS to build the world’s first global mining data platform and earlier this year they launched a major global mine simulation crowd challenge with Unearthed and Oz Minerals.

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There is a growing, immediate demand for low emissions solutions, with technology and manufacturing capacity in many cases constraining the supply response. The EMC is emerging as a key vehicle for the decarbonisation of the mining industry and will remain responsive to the rapidly changing external environment.


The Electric Mine Consortium and International Mining Events, convener of The Electric Mine conference series, work in a collaborative partnership to further the goals of mine electrification.