Working Group

Equipment & Data

Current commercial availability of zero-emission vehicles is scarce, with understanding of operating assumptions and costs still in their early stages. This workstream aims to explore feasibility of these vehicles through a range of site and platform trials.


Limited number of zero-emission vehicles commercially available. In addition, the operating assumptions and costs are poorly understood.


Drive rapid adoption of zero-emission vehicles through on site trialling, clarifying operational costs and expanding availability through work with suppliers.
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  • Heavy Underground Equipment Trials

Vehicle Trials and Data Integration

Conduct and extend electric vehicle trials, including e-loaders, hybrid-loaders, e-trucks, and e-light vehicles, across brownfields and greenfields while leveraging shared data for future decision support and capital investment.

Surface and Long-Haulage Solution Development

Design a collective roadmap for surface and long-haulage electrification, collaborate with vendors on innovative solutions, and initiate trials with both current and new truck designs.

Automation Design and Integration

Develop and integrate automation design elements for electric vehicles, collaborating with OEMs for implementation across selected sites and incorporation into mine design and simulation processes.

Achievements and Milestones
  1. Successfully trialled 40 pieces of electric equipment across 15 sites globally, advancing the transition to zero-emission mining.
  2. Developed a comprehensive data platform with Nukon & AWS.
  3. Conducted a thorough assessment of battery electric LV and long-haul market options, evaluating technology, government support,nfunding opportunities, and demand insights.
  4. Sharing of site trial and market assessment data leading to accelerated purchases of Sandvik BEV, CAT hybrid loaders, multiple LVs and Volvo 3ME IT.
  5. Evaluated operating and change procedures including risk assessments for light and other BEVs, refining best practices for safe and efficient operation and introduction of electric vehicles in mining environments.
Current Workstream Leaders