Working Group

Policy & Skills

Existing policy settings fall short of encouraging technology investment at the speed necessary to achieve emissions targets. This workstream is dedicated to addressing these challenges head-on, promoting progressive policy change and studying future skills needed for a greener future for mining.


Policy shortfalls and skills shortages hinder technology investment and emissions progress in mining’s shift to clean energy.


Drive technology investment, address policy and skills barriers, and support ongoing policy advocacy for the clean energy transition in mining.
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  • Electric Mine Consortium - Protecting our Future

Advocacy Group Formation

Scope and establish an effective EMC advocacy group, bringing together industry stakeholders to collaboratively drive technology investment for clean energy solutions in mining.

Policy & Skills Solutions

Proactively address policy and skills challenges by engaging with policymakers, educational institutions, and industry partners, to promote policies that support accelerated clean energy adoption in mining.

Ongoing Policy Advocacy

Implement ongoing policy advocacy initiatives, including lobbying, research, and educational activities, to support a holistic and sustainable transition to clean energy within the mining sector.

Achievements and Milestones
  1. Conducted a series of Skills Workshops with over a dozen outside providers and industry stakeholders.
  2. Hosted Member Spotlight Workshops that showcased 12 case studies in electrification.
  3. Established a partnership with Curtin University, enhancing the research program and bolstering our expertise in policy and skills development.
  4. Established a new industry policy group to influence pro- decarbonisation policy outcomes.
  5. Initiated and achieved a general agreement on the DPM Code of Practice in the process of approvals.
Current Workstream Leaders