Working Group

Energy Supply & Storage

Mine scale energy storage technologies are not yet operationally or economically proven in mining. This working group aims to test mine scale remote energy storage through installation of multiple technologies across 5+ sites.


Mine-scale, long duration energy storage systems to supplement renewable power supply are not yet economically or operationally proven.


Develop and validate viable mine-scale energy storage and supply solutions to enhance the economic and environmental benefits of mine electrification.
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  • Electric Mine Consortium - Working Group Energy Storage

Storage design and Integration

Develop electrified mine designs that incorporate optimised long-duration energy storage technologies and address power quality challenges for seamless operational integration.

Renewable Energy and Grid Infrastructure

Identify cost-effective, relocatable renewable energy sources through EOIs and trials, and collaborate with stakeholders to accelerate grid infrastructure development and policy initiatives.

Energy Optimisation and Value Assessment

Maximise energy efficiency across mining assets by leveraging EMS EOI insights and assess the long-term value of electrified mines in economic, carbon emissions, and diesel particulate reduction terms.

Achievements and Milestones
  1. Conducted two major EOIs for long duration energy storage systems, building expert industry understanding in mine-scale energy storage.
  2. Solicited proposals for high-scoring, long-duration energy storage solutions from Schlumberger, Energy Dome, VSun, MGA and others.
  3. Raised awareness of potential for thermal storage as a low-cost option for mineral processing intensive hubs, both with Govt and business.
  4. Consortium member has facilitated the successful implementation of pilot BASF sodium sulphur and VSUN Vanadium flow batteries.
  5. Built support for pilot funding from ARENA and MRIWA for a piloting 10MWh + energy storage pilot projects.
  6. Planning joint member multi-asset multi-technology PFS level LDESC study to accelerate large-scale installations
Current Workstream Leaders