Working Group

Mine Design & Infrastructure

Traditional asset design does not enable the realisation of the full benefits of mine electrification. This working group is simulating a range of mines and mining methods to establish electrification performance benchmarks, a business case and future mine designs.


Changes to traditional asset design can realise the full benefits of mine electrification.


Accelerate and optimise mine electrification through analysis of design options, clarification of infrastructure requirements, and optimising the economic and environmental benefits.
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Innovative Mine Design

Investigate and iterate low-emissions mine designs, encompassing life-of-mine planning, fleet, and electrical infrastructure, leveraging modelling and real-life experiences for continuous improvement.

Simulation, Control, and Value Modelling

Utilise advanced simulation tools and energy management systems across case studies and further sites, while creating a comprehensive value model for electrified mines.

Mine Studies and Knowledge Sharing

Establish a peer review process for mine studies, promoting a culture of ongoing learning and insight-sharing within the consortium.

Achievements and Milestones
  1. Developed an economic model of an electric mine to understand and articulate the business case.
  2. Explored the market for Energy Management System software and selected supplier for two pilot trials.
  3. Worked with the TAD and Prominent Hill teams to open-source a simulation approach to the electrification of future expansions.
  4. Leveraged expert resources to refine greenfield mine design, optimising the approach to electrified mine development.
  5. Drew on the expertise of EMC members to support IGO in shaping a future electrified Cosmos project.
Current Workstream Leaders