Working Group


This workstream, striving for an in-depth understanding, aims to proficiently measure and appraise low-carbon solutions in the face of rapid policy changes, facilitating a clearer path to emission reduction.


Valuing low-carbon materials and navigating the shifting landscape of emission reporting policy and regulation requires deeper understanding.


Drive best practice in carbon management across the EMC through piloting a carbon platform and establishing a carbon community of practice.
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Pilot Carbon Platform

Successfully launch and test a carbon platform to track and manage carbon emissions within the EMC.

Establish Carbon Community of Practice

Create a community within the EMC where members can share knowledge, practices, and resources related to carbon management.

Achieve Carbon Management Best Practice

Implement best practices in carbon management across the EMC, leveraging the carbon platform and community of practice.

Achievements and Milestones
  1. Established a close network of sustainability teams across the mining sector to align and progress reporting and disclosure activities.
  2. Established business case for changing approach to carbon data collection and reporting (governance and optimisation).
  3. Went to market to understand and design a carbon management platform approach.
  4. Established an ongoing series of roundtables with industry experts on key topics within the sustainability function.
  5. Initiated an internal carbon pricing best practice initiative.
Current Workstream Leaders