Electric Mine Consortium x Gold Fields: Heavy Underground Equipment Trials

The Electric Mine Consortium is a growing group of 21 highly regarded mining and service companies driven by the imperative to produce zero-emission products for their customers and meet mounting investor expectations. Member companies are trialling zero-carbon equipment across six key working groups.

Gold Fields is leading the Heavy Underground Equipment Workstream of the EMC and trialling Sandvik’s 60T Truck and 18T Loader in their efforts to transitioning decarbonised vehicles into operations.

About our Videos

The Electric Mine Consortium is releasing a series of short videos to highlight the work of individual consortium members and showcase the mining industries collaborative efforts to accelerate a pathway towards zero-carbon, zero-particulate mining. The videos provide each member an opportunity to showcase their technology trials and explain their involvement within the consortium workstreams. It is also an opportunity to promote their company goals, ESG targets and overall vision for the future of the industry.