The EMC’s Surface Long Haul EV Challenge



We are working on understanding the challenges and opportunities of zero carbon material movement options in the surface haul environment both within the mine gate and outside of. Given the fast pace of change in this area of focus and with no original equipment manufacturer solutions available in Australia, we are keen to throw the net wider.


We are looking for parties to solve our long haul emission challenge, either individually or through a collaboration.

Our expression of interest is seeking participants or vendors that can provide a solution in:

  1. The area of surface long haul electric vehicle conversion; and/or
  2. Charging infrastructure to support surface long haul electric vehicles; and/or
  3. Small-scale renewable energy infrastructure to interface with charging infrastructure in remote areas.

This EOI is seeking participants in this first round that can meet one (or all) of the above mentioned scope items, so the EMC can then work with vendors to combine as required to deliver a complete solution.

How can you get involved?

EOI submission closing date: 5pm, 30 September 2022 (AWST).

If you have questions, contact: [email protected]